Tom Hymes – Journalist and Commentator

“I am considered an old-timer, but I still feel like a newbie and for good reason. When I arrived on the scene, a decade ago, there was already a lively and lucrative adult Internet scene in play, and the leaders in the various niches were very well established, and in some cases, legendary. In the fetish niche, as I believe it was called then, Wasteland was already the icon brand. They have built and nurtured one of the most consistent and quality brands that the industry has yet to produce. This is no mean feat in any industry; in adult, it is almost a miracle, especially when one considers the integrity that also is inherent in the Wasteland brand.”

Joel Tucker – Founder/CEO

Wasteland and my own company have a lot in common. Both companies date back to the earliest days of online kink, and both have established a reputation over time as innovative, honorable, customer-oriented businesses. Both companies are community oriented, established and operated by people who understand kink as insiders. I am proud of our affiliation with this pioneering company. I recommend this site to anyone who shares an interest in real BDSM, kink and fetish lifestyles.”

Ron Caldwell – CEO Cavecreek/CCBill

“I have known Colin and this team since 1995, when our Adult Industry was just getting started. I can proudly say that he was our first Cavecreek/CCBill client. In my opinion, is one of the best run websites online and Colin is one of the most honest and ethical businessmen with whom I have had the pleasure to work with.